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Beatdom is a literary journal founded in 2007 by writer and historian David Wills. I’ve been creating covers for him since 2012, as well as contributing illustrations to go along with the articles and fiction contained within. Make sure to check them out over at!

Local Business Comics

As the world shut down in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of my past employers found themselves struggling to stay afloat. In response I began drawing comics about these mom-and-pop shops which not only offered me gainful employment, but are also important pillars of their communities. Check them out below!

Vroman’s Bookstore is the oldest independent bookseller in Southern California, where I had the pleasure of working from 2012- 2017. The comic was shared across their social media platforms, as well as by Grammy award winning writer Lynell George, and Instagram fashion director/children’s book author Eva Chen.

This comic is about The Berkeley Hat Company, where I worked from 2004 – 2006. It was also featured in the pages of the East Bay Express, as well as being shared by the official Telegraph Business Association on their social media pages.