A man’s attempt to leave his apartment is thwarted by a sickly neighbor who refuses to practice social distancing.

In this comedy short, Waylon Bacon puts his characters – two bros – on either side of a front door: the bro outside has an all consuming cough, while the bro inside is having a fit of anxiety. Bacon’s hilarious take on the pandemic is as humorous as it is true to our times. Unforgettable.Berkeley Times, 12/3/20

“Brovid19” started life simply as “Bro”, a short film I made for the Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival, whose only guidelines were that it had to be under two minutes, and shot on a cellphone. I ended up playing all the characters in the film, as well as acting as my own crew. Somehow this worked out, and based on positive reviews of the finished short in the UK Film Review, Caveat Lector, and, I decided to recreate, shot for shot, the whole film on a much nicer camera with a variety of lenses. The finished piece, re-titled Brovid19, spent the next year on the festival circuit, playing at the Burbank International Film Festival, the Portland Comedy Film Festival, San Francisco’s Another Hole in the Head, and the Berkeley Video and Film Festival, where it was awarded “Best Covid Comedy” of 2020.