Work for Beatdom
Beatdom is a literary journal founded in 2007 by writer and historian David Wills. I have been creating covers for them since 2012, as well as contributing illustrations for the articles and fiction contained within. Make sure to check them out over at !




Small Business Comics

  As the 2020 pandemic continued to hit small businesses, I took to drawing  comics about two of my past employers who found themselves struggling.
Vroman's is Southern California's oldest bookstore, where I had the pleasure of working from 2012 - 2017. They announced in 2020 that they were in danger of closing due to the pandemic, and I drew this comic to help bring attention to the shop, which was shared on Vroman's social media pages as well as by authors Eva Chen and Lynell George.             .



The Berkeley Hat Company is the oldest haberdasher in California. I had the pleasure of working there in my early 20s, and have remained friends with the staff and owner Carol Lipnik ever since. Below is a short history of the hat shop, and how you can help keep them afloat during the pandemic.



A random selection of artwork from my sketchbooks, dating from 2001 - 2021.