Head on over to etsy.com/shop/waylonbacon and grab a 2022 Frownland Calendar to help get you through the new year! Full color, cranky, and reasonably priced!


8/25/21 Due to popular demand, I have produced a new Frownland calendar for 2022! Grab a copy by heading over to https://www.etsy.com/shop/waylonbacon!

6/26/21After five years, I have retired my ongoing webcomic Frownland in order to make time for a new mystery project, which I hope to unveil soon. Sad to see it go, but excited for what the future holds! To see the last Frownland and read my post about it, click HERE

6/26/21 My award winning comedy Brovid19 is now online for your viewing amusement, along with an outtakes reel! Click HERE to watch the film, and HERE to watch the outtakes reel!

5/6/21 Issue #21 of Beatdom is on sale now, featuring a cover depicting controversial poet and activist Amiri Baraka, illustrated by yours truly. Head on over to www.beatdom.com and grab a copy today!

More News...

2/13/21 My rarely seen ‘directors cut’ of the video for the Lumerians song Life Without Skin played as part of the annual Haus Film Festival. Thanks Haus, I had a blast!

2/1/21 I’m happy to report that my short comedy Brovid19 has been accepted into the Mad Monster Party Film Festival in North Carolina!

1/15/21 I’ll be joining the fine folks over at ScreamStream tonight for a watch party of John Carpenters immortal 1982 classic The Thing. Trivia, esoteric musings on the nature of remakes, and wide ranging blab to follow. Tune in over on their official youtube page at 5:00 to watch!

12/11/20 After selling out the first round, Frownland Calendars are back in stock! Grab your copy now!

12/3/20 Truly amazing and humbling news – a comic I drew about the Bay Area’s legendary Berkeley Hat Company is a featured editorial cartoon in this weeks edition of the East Bay Express.

11/30/20 Brovid19 will be streaming during Another Hole In The Head December 11th – 27th of next month (December).  Tickets are $10 bucks. As well, Brovid19 will be part of a live Zoom Q&A on Saturday, December 19th! For tickets, visit: https://www.ahith.com/

11/27/20 You can now buy your Frownland Calendar from Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, Ca! They’re available in store only, so if you’ve never been to this legendary, 127 year old institution, now is the time!

11/23/20 Thank you to Mikel Fair and the Portland Comedy Film Festival for sending along this incredibly cool picture of Brovid19 playing for viewers at the Sunshine Mill Drive In, along with this classy certificate verifying the film as a finalist for the ‘Best Oregon Film’ award.

11/23/20 The wonderful folks at HorrorHut had me on again as part of a roundtable discussion about Full Moon Features, responsible for classics like Puppet Master and Doll Man! I come on around the 6 minute mark, because I got my East Coast/West Coast times mixed up. Either way, check it out!

11/15/20 SF’s might Another Hole in the Head has accepted Brovid19 as an official selection in their 2020 festival! More info coming soon!

11/13/20 They’re here! Your 2021 Frownland Calendars are in stock, wrapped in plastic, and ready to help get you through the new year! Click HERE to check them out and purchase!

10/31/20 Brovid19 is screening tonight during the ‘Berkeley Community Media’ annual horror film festival! Click HERE to watch the live feed, starting at 9:00pm!

10/26/20 Brovid19 has been accepted into the Berkeley Video and Film Festival, who have awarded it the ‘Best Covid Comedy’ award! Thank you to programmers Mel Vapor and Paul – Kealoha Blake, who have been supporting my film output since 2006! What a pair.10/9/20 This week I drew a comic about Vroman’s Bookstore, a Pasadena institution that is struggling due to the pandemic. This place has played an important role in the lives of generations of book lovers, myself included, and it’s impossible to fathom a world without them. Check out the full-sized comic HERE, and make sure to visit Vroman’s either in person, or at: www.vromansbookstore.com

9/29/20 Brovid19 is going to Italy! My little film has been accepted by the Cine Underground Film Festival, a monthly event helt in both Busto Arsizio and Piacenza, meaning the film will be screening twice. Time to get cracking on those subtitles! Thank you to the judges at CineUnderground for this amazing opportunity.

8/13/20 The good folks over at PopHorror have posted a lovely review of the original, cell phone version of Bro! Thank you to author Jennifer Leigh!

7/26/20 Shortly after making Bro, I decided to film a new version on a much nicer camera (the original was done on my cell phone). The new version, entitled Brovid19, has just been accepted as a semi-finalist in the Burbank International Film Festival! Thank you to programmer Jeff Rector for having me!

7/12/20 The venerable UK Film Review has just posted a great piece on Bro – read all about it HERE

6/27/20 My short video Bro is featured in the lastest edition of SF Literary Journal Caveat Lector, along with a brief interview with me about the process of making it. Check it out HERE

5/22/20 My latest cover for Beatdom Magazine is up on their website, and you should check it out! Featuring an imagined meeting of two generations of Beat writers, this might be my favorite piece I’ve ever done for them (but then my drawing skills have improved since I first started). The new issue will be available June 1st, and cam be purchased from Amazon.com or as a freePDF Download! Make sure to visit www.beatdom.com for more info.

5/2/20 Hey! I just finished a short film for the Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival! Sadly, I didn’t get it done in time to meet the deadline, but I’ve uploaded it to youtube anyway: it’s called Bro!, stars myself and filmmaker Elias Santos (providing some additional voice work) and was filmed on my crappy cell phone camera. WATCH HERE

10/3/19 Your 2020 Frownland Calendars are here! Full color, cranky, and reasonably priced!

4/18/19 Great news! Three of my short films are available to view on TruIndie, a new streaming site that specializes in the low budget, the weird, and the unclassifiable! It’s been set up by the every busy Heidi Moore of Wretched Productions, and is only $4.94 a month! Check out the free trial now and expand your mind.

3/1/19 My 2008 short film My Worst Nightmare is back on youtube after a music rights dispute. Check out the new upload HERE:

1/6/18 Three of my older short films are part of ‘Horror Hut’, a new webseries highlighting independent horror films! You can view the first episode, along with Bob, My Worst Nightmare, and Poster Boy, by visiting Horrorhutshow.com

10/9/2019 Check out the brand new, high-quality upload of my short film Poster Boy over on Vimeo!

9/26/18 Frownland Calendars can now be purchased at both Powells Books in Portland, OR and Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, CA!

9/6/2018 My annual Frownland Calendar is done and ready to purchase! Click here to see pics, or just go over to my Etsy shop to purchase!

11/10/2017 The UK Film Review has written a wonderful piece on The Ride. Check it out here

9/17/17 I have artwork hanging at the annual Altered Barbie Festival in San Francisco, CA! Click over to the Frownland Blog to read all about it.

7/24/17 The esteemed Anthony Servante has conducted a lengthy interview with me over at Servante Of Darkness – check it out!

7/13/17 My webcomic, Frownland, is currently trending over at Boredpanda.com! Whoa!

5/31/17 After nearly two years on the festival circuit, my short film The Ride is now available to watch on YouTube!

5/17/17 My latest cover for the inimitable Beatdom Magazine is up on the website – you can see the whole thing by visiting beatdom.com

3/29/17 The Ride is featured on the front page of dailydead.com!

3/28/17 The Ride has received a wonderful write up over at weareindiehorror.com! Click Here to read the full review.

3/28/17 After a year on the festival circuit, my short film The Ride is now available to watch on Vimeo.com! Thank you to all of the wonderful Indiegogo backers, festival programmers, and the amazing cast and crew! To watch the full short, click HERE.

3/22/17 Welcome to the new Waylonbacon.com!