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[on my webcomic Frownland] “I instantly fell in love with the dry layered humor of Bacon’s characters, at once the archetypes from today’s milieu but also the universal everyman and everywoman no matter what era.”

[on my webcomic Frownland] “… a single panel webcomic that humorously dissects human behavior with cynical abandon.”

[on The Ride] “Bacon’s message comes through loud and clear at the end of The Ride and it really is powerful. The audience is forced to re-evaluate their own thought-processes and prejudices. Engaging and thoughtful, this is a great example of just how powerful film can be.”
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[on Life Without Skin] “Empty train cars, piles of worms, and shadowy alien figures all feature prominently in a psychedelic night time stroll through the city in the Lumerians new video. Life Without Skin creates an apt visual accompaniment for the San Francisco bands distinctive psych rock. The song’s steady pace slowly builds into a quicker, more intricate riff as the video’s heroine grows more fearful, finding herself in what looks like an acid trip gone terribly wrong. The Life Without Skin video is out in anticipation of the Lumerians new album, The High Frontier, which drops August 27th on Partisan Records.”
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[on Help Wanted] “Waylon Bacon’s Help Wanted is a darkly comic stare into the banality of evil. It’s like taking a peek into the Grand Theft Auto universe for 18 minutes. Murder and mayhem are casual things. The poor protagonist is the only one who seems shocked by all this. Granted, the others are clearly touched by what is happening around them, but it has also become routine to them. It’s a smart, funny film with a lot of big ideas about the consequences of violence and our relationship to it.
Makeup and gore FX are used extremely well in Help Wanted, as is the excellent sound design. I understand there was quite a crew involved in the making of this piece, and it shows in the professionalism of the finished product.
In the world we visit in Help Wanted, we catch a glimpse of that classic Stalin sound bite: “One death is a tragedy. A million is a statistic.”
David Pace-Bonello, Fangoria Magazine, July 27th, 2011

[on Help Wanted] “Laughing at the grotesque is a good way to deflect our psyches from the harsh reality of the fragility of our corporeal bodies. However, the disturbingly hilarious short film Help Wanted by Waylon Bacon is an entirely different kettle of fish. A fetid kettle of rotting, decomposing fish, that is.
Although both funny and frightening, Help Wanted doesn’t easily get classified as a horror comedy. That’s really just a genre shortcut term to describe a film that’s actually quite difficult to describe. More accurately, the film is both a nightmare and a dare.
First, the film plays out like a real nightmare: A good mix of the mundane and ordinary with a hefty surreal and disturbing vibe slathered across its body. And, it’s a dare, because unlike most other horror comedies, which actively invite their audiences to laugh at their grotesqueness, Help Wanted shows us death and gore in all its depraved and depressing glory, and dares us to laugh at it all.
Mike Everleth, Underground Film Journal, November 10th, 2010
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[on My Worst Nightmare] “When it comes to creating sickening nightmares, it’s hard to top San Francisco-based filmmaker Waylon Bacon. His latest disturbing vision to hit the web is My Worst Nightmare.
Bacon’s shorts are nightmarish odysseys. However, they’re crafted with a genial, good-humored vibe, which actually makes his films all the more disturbing.
Mike Everleth, Underground Film Journal, January 30th 2009
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[on My Worst Nightmare] “This short was my favorite out of the whole group of them. I loved how it starts out in his dream, with him telling us about it a voiceover. The fact that both his father and him were buried under two twin rosebushes is insane!!! He comes back and the ladies of the house complain about how rude he was for coming back. They explaned how it wasn’t fair to them, since they’ve grieved and recovered already. With that said, he proceeds to go back to his rosebushy grave. This one shows more of the creative side of the twisted world of Waylon Bacon. Also there are plans for this short to be made into a feature length film, which I think would be amazing to see.”
Patrick Farmer, Squid Flicks
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[on My Worst Nightmare] “My favorite of Bay Area filmmaker Waylon Bacon’s shorts. This one is creeeeeepy…of course I love it even more because I’m scared and smirking at the same time.”
Peaches Christ, Peaches Christ.Com, January 17th, 2009
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